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Mission: complete / Misja: zakonczona

So, we’re finally back from Poland. I know, I said I’d be sharing pictures as we go along but things were changing so quickly, and we were literally working 24 hours a day… so instead, let me just share with you the video I’ve just created, I hope you’ll like it πŸ™‚

A few details:
– I have managed to stick to my motto (design on any budget!) and have not spent a fortune on the flat!
– bedrooms are still unfurnished – we’ll see who will rent the flat and furnish according to requirements
– we had to compromise a few times – mostly due to funds, or lack of time. E.g. when we get to live there, I’ll change the window treatments, buy a proper coffee table etc. But things I cared most about are all there – my beautiful white high gloss kitchen, Indian-marble mosaic in the bathroom, and three built-in wardrobes… for all my shoes and bags!

More info and detailed photos will follow soon. All comments welcome.

Nareszcie wrocilismy z Polski. Tak wiem, mowilam ze bede sie dzielic zdjeciami w trakcie pracy, ale wszystko tak szybko sie zmienialo, a my pracowalismy doslownie 24h na dobe… dlatego w zamian, pozwole sobie podzielic sie z wami tym filmikiem ktory wlasnie stworzylam, mam nadzieje ze sie spodoba πŸ™‚

Kilka szczegolow:
– udalo mi sie podtrzymac moje motto (dezajn nie musi byc drogi!) i nie wydac na mieszkanie fortuny!
– sypialnie poki co nieumeblowane – zobaczymy jakie zyczenia bedzie mial wynajmujacy
– kilka razy musilismy pojsc na kompromis – glownie z powodu kosztow, lub po prostu braku czasu. Kiedy my sie tam wprowadzimy, na pewno kilka rzeczy bedzie do zmiany, kupimy porzadny stolik kawowy, dodamy troche wiecej koloru, zmienimy wystroj okien. Ale to na czym mi najbardziej zalezalo – jest πŸ™‚ Moja piekna biala kuchnia na wysoki polysk, mozaika z indyjskiego marmuru, i trzy garderoby… na wszystkie moje buty i torebki!

Wiecej informacji i zdjec detali wkrotce. Wszystkie komentarze mile widziane.

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Exquisite wallcoverings / wyrafinowane okladziny

Having seen a photo of a room with a hand-painted silk covered wall in World Of Interiors a few months ago, I have not since stopped thinking about the supremacy of hand-made designs over 53cm-wide wallpapers, which – no matter how creative – usually are restricted by the roll size.

OK, photo wallpapers are an alternative, yet the quality, exclusivity and uniqueness is uncomparable.

What I found today (courtesy of Mochi Home) is this amazing company fromental. A few words about them:

Founded in 2005, with offices and design studios in London and a team of talented artists in China, Fromental’s mission is to create the world’s most beautiful wallpapers.

Having worked in fashion and interiors, directors Tim Butcher and Lizzie Deshayes have twenty years experience in designing, producing and restoring hand-made wallpapers.

Here are some of their designs:

fromental's bedroom
fromental's bedroom
fromental's vanity table

I would literally die for this kitchen:

fromental's kitchen

Now some of you probably think – nice, but not for me. I’m all modern. Well, heres’s the response to that:

fromental - restaurant
fromental - restaurant
fromental's bedroom
fromental - bathroom
fromental - bathroom

Now, how long do I need to save for one of these πŸ™‚

Kilka miesiecy w World of Interiors zobaczylam zdjecie pokoju ze sciana oblozona recznie malowanym jedwabiem, i od tej pory nie moge przestac myslec o przewadze recznie wykonanych projektow nad 53-centymetrowymi tapetami, ktore – jakkolwiek kreatywne – zawsze sa jednak swoim rozmiarem ograniczone. Tu – konkretna sciana jest wyznacznikiem pracy. Ma 3 metry dlugosci? Taki bedzie wzor. Ma 15 metrow? Tym wieksze wrazenie taki wzor moze zrobic.

Fakt, fototapety wracaja do lask i pozwalaja zaaranzowac wieksza przestrzen, jednak jakosc, ekskluzywnosc i wyjatkowosc sa nieprownywalne…

Dzis znalazlam (dzieki Mochi Home) wspaniala firme fromental. Prowadzona przez pare z duzym doswiadczeniem w swiecie designu i mody, ich ambitnym celem jest stworzenie najpiekniejszych tapet i tkanin na swiecie.

Czy im sie udalo? Powyzej mozna zobaczyc czesc z ich pierwszych trzech kolekcji, zarowno dla tych co lubia klasyczne jak i nowoczesne wnetrza.

Taak… ciekawe jak dlugo musze oszczedzac na takie cudo πŸ™‚

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New flat, old flat and other changes / Nowe, stare i inne zmiany

I don’t think I should even start apologizing for not being here for ages… so let us pretend those two months never happened πŸ™‚

That would be difficult, though, as since the last post:

  • we finished and rented out our Polish flat within a week of posting the ad (which is a really good time in our market!),
  • both me and my husband started working at different companies (still within one corporation),
  • we moved offices to outside of London,
  • we moved houses in London to be closer to new offices
  • … and yesterday we have become owners of yet another flat in Poland :).

So this is a very exciting time for me and there is really lots going on. I am obviously going to share with you the ideas for the new flat, and can tell you straight away this is going to be tricky, as we want to finish the flat mostly remotely, and as of today there are only bare walls and windows there.

But! First things first, let me show you what we managed to do to our first flat around Christmas; we wanted to make it livable, so that it rents out quickly, on a budget of ca. Β£250:

  • bathroom

I guess you’ve seen some of our bathroom, especially the cupboard hand-made by my husband; to our great anger and despair, the glass maker did not manage to do the doors on time so our shelves are still open, but the rest was good to go:

Bathroom - view from entrance
Bathroom - view from entrance
The old trick - big mirror visually increases the size of this bathroom
The old trick - big mirror visually increases the size of this bathroom
  • bedroom

The bedroom, with the furniture set we got for free from a friend, a super-old retro ceiling lamp, and bits and pieces of decorating from my mum, with the only new element of the baroque-inspired white wallpaper to add just a teeny bit of glamour:

White bedroom with white glamour wallpaper
White bedroom with white glamour wallpaper
Detailed view of the wallpaper
Detailed view of the wallpaper

To complement the wallpaper, we have used a spare piece as wall art and put it in behind glass, all placed on an old shelf which I finished in a quasi-shabby-chic look. The throw also works the same theme as the wallpaper.

  • living room

Now, the living room, and to be completely honest this is the most haphazardly finished room ever πŸ™‚ One feature wall covered in beautiful black wallpaper… though since it was our first time ever wallpapering, the results are far from perfect! Good tip – when working with a dark wallpaper, it’s much easier if you dab the areas on the wall, where wallpaper pieces will meet, in paint the colour of the wallpaper; this way even if your work isn’t perfect, the gaps between stripes will not be as visible as on our wall.

Living room - feature wall with black floral wallpaper
Living room - feature wall with black floral wallpaper
Living room - view towards the ornamental blinds
Living room - view towards the ornamental blinds

The rest of the room is my parents’ old sofabed under a new throw, a red ceiling light which was supposed to be comlemented with red wall art though we never put it up (don’t ask), my teenage bedroom set, a good old piano, a spare single bed that can be put away depending on the needs of the tenants and an Ikea Lack table πŸ™‚ Plus the really pretty blinds which unfortunately do not show too well in this light – basically when it’s light outside, they seem very pale and creamy grey, but when it’s dark, additional silver elements show as well.

  • kitchen-diner

Finally, the kitchen-diner, with the infamous kitchen units which never got properly fitted together (so that the worktop still floats independently of the units, there is no steel strip at the bottom and a millon other sins we committed with it and haven’t tried to make up for yet). Nonetheless we like the kitchen and maybe, some time, in the distant future, we will finally put it together once and for all πŸ™‚ There is also an extra loveseat and armchair in the other part of the room.

Light and dark wood kitchen with green walls
Light and dark wood kitchen with green walls
Retro kitchen oilcloth
Retro kitchen oilcloth
  • Hall

…and our hall, unfortunately I have a photo only from the time when this ugly carpet was there (with the dog’s bone and toys prominently on display) so try not to notice them πŸ™‚

Open hall with spotlights
Open hall with spotlights

So to sum up, this is certainly not the best example of interior design, but we tried to make the place nicer for the tenants than the usual offering but on a minimal budget, and the result was that we rented it out just a few days after we advertised it!

Chyba nawet nie ma co zaczynac przepraszac za to ze mnie tu tak dlugo nie bylo, wiec moze zapomnijmy o tych dwoch miesiacach πŸ™‚

Z drugiej strony byloby to trudne, gdyz od ostatniego postu:

  • wykonczylismy i wynajelismy nasze mieszkanie w PL w ciagu tygodnia od dania ogloszenia
  • zaczelismy z mezem prace w nowej firmie
  • zmienilismy biura
  • przeprowadzilismy sie w Londynie by latwiej dojezdzac
  • …i od wczoraj jestesmy wlascicielami nowego mieszkania w PL – a raczej wygralismy przetarg i teraz staramy sie jak najszybciej mieszkanie ‘przejac’ πŸ™‚

Takze ten czas jest bardzo ekscytujacy i na pewno bede dzielic sie tu pomyslami na wykonczenie nowego mieszkania; juz teraz wiem ze nie bedzie to proste gdyz duzo chcemy wykonac lub zlecic ‘zdalnie’ z Londynu, a w tej chwili w mieszkaniu nie ma nic – stan deweloperski.

No ale! Zaczynac wypada od poczatku πŸ™‚ wiec kilka slow o naszym pierwszym mieszkaniu. W okolicy Swiat Bozego Narodzenia postanowilismy zrobic ile mozemy w mieszkaniu by przygotowac je na wynajecie. Niestety czasu bylo malo a budzet juz zupelnie ograniczony (troche ponad 1tys. zl) wiec spedzilismy troche czasu wymyslajac co mozna zrobic by we w miare przyzwoitym stanie mieszkanie wynajac.

Zdjecia powyzej pokazuja rezultaty naszej walki z nieterminowymi sprzedawcami (czytaj: brak szklanych drzwi do szafek w lazience) i bardzo ograniczonym budzetem (czytaj: wykorzystanie naszych starych mebli, mebli ktore dostalismy od znajomych, odmalowanie kilku rzeczy, samodzielne kladzenie tapety ze skutkiem mieszanym – hej! robilismy to po raz pierwszy ok?? – i kilkoma drobnymi nowymi zakupami). Kilka rzeczy dalej nieskonczonych, typu kuchnia (caly czas nieprzykrecony blat i brak cokolow, nieoslonieta sciana i inne takie), te nieszczesne szafki w lazience (szklo to jedyne czego moj maz sam w tej lazience zrobic nie moze, i cholera tak nawalili 😦 ), oraz totalny misz-masz stylow i kolorow w duzym pokoju.

Zdecydowanie nie jest to przyklad swietnego designu ale biorac pod uwage ograniczenia czasowe i finansowe jestem w miare zadowolona z efektu, i obecni najemcy mam nadzieje tez.

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Christmas coming – last minute ideas / Ida Swieta – kilka pomyslow

Ah, and so we are – mid December, a few days to Christmas. So how does this time look for me every year?

– overworked (company targets need to be met!)
– cold (though London is surprisingly mild this year)
– sad (missing my family, the more the closer it’s till Christmas as I know I’ll see them soon and want this to happen ASAP!)
– and this year, additionally, stressed out and tired as hell since as always I’m over-ambitious and have decided that I need to be responsible for whole of the Christmas look and feel. The occasion is perfect as it will be the first Christmas at my parents’ new house, so a blank canvas almost. So I’m sewing: tablecloths, table runners (both in 2 sizes!), napkins for 15 people, choosing decorations for the whole room and presents for both my and my husband’s families…

Anyway, I’m hoping all this hard work is going to pay off and deliver the ‘wow’ factor – the color schemeΒ  / theme chosen for this year’s Christmas is Gold, White and Glitter: timeless, elegant and very celebratory.

Let me share with you a few beautiful photos that inspired me and maybe can inspire you too, if you’re planning your Christmas last minute.

I’m also planning to bake and decorate cupcakes, and – another last-minute idea – bake gingerbread in the shape of letters, for a different take on gift tags.
I hope this is going to work out as I never baked gingerbread before!

No i jestesmy w polowie grudnia. Jak ten okres w roku wyglada dla mnie? Jestem zwykle
– przepracowana (bo przeciez firma musi wyrobic plan)
– zmarznieta (choc pogoda w Londynie jest w tym roku dosc laskawa)
– smutna (bo tesknie za rodzinka, tym bardziej im blizej do naszego spotkania!)
– a w tym roku dodatkowo absolutnie zestresowana i zmeczona jak diabli bo jak zwykle ambicja wziela nade mna gore i postanowilam zaprojektowac cala wizualke swiateczna. Okazja ku temu jest niebanalna gdyz beda to pierwsze Swieta w nowym domu moich Rodzicow i jest duze pole do popisu :). W zwiazku z tym szyje obrusy i biezniki w dwoch rozmiarach, serwetki na 15 osob, wybieram dekoracje no i naturalnie prezenty dla calej mojej i meza rodziny…

Tak czy inaczej mam nadzieje ze wszystko dobrze sie uda i swieta zrobia wrazenie na gosciach – schemat kolorystyczny na te Swieta to Zloto, Biel i Blysk, czyli kombinacja elegancka, ponadczasowa i bardzo uroczysta.

Powyzej dziele sie kilkoma pieknymi zdjeciami ktore zainspirowaly mnie w tym roku – jesli szukacie swiatecznych pomyslow na ostatnia chwile, mam nadzieje ze te pomoga.
Ostatnim pomyslem ktory moze sie przydac to pieczenie piernikow w ksztalcie inicjalow – zamiast bilecikow prezentowych. Sprobuje to zrobic, jak sie uda – pokaze efekty πŸ™‚

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Room of the day / Pokoj dnia

Apartment Therapys house tour at Harmony & Vances
Apartment Therapy's house tour at Harmony & Vance's

…and another view to show the whole space:

Apartment Therapy's house tour at Harmony & Vance's

Why? Because of its very natural approach to eclectic spaces. It’s no nonsense, relaxed, with a splash of colour here and funky design there, and somehow it all comes together. Even though every item has its own history and comes from somewhere else, it’s all so.. simple. Feels young and refreshing!