Space for the home office / miejsce na domowe biuro

So we have a Flat. Our first baby. We love it and have a million ideas for it.

The slight problem is, that it’s in a different country 😦 back home. We’re in London, the flat is in Poland. And even though we bought it over a year and a half ago, we never managed to live there for longer but a few weeks as we moved abroad around this time.

Can you imagine how painful it is to have to wait to make it gorgeous?! Nevertheless, me and my husband are planning and decorating it in our minds (…and on paper. And in 3D).

Apart from the usual decorating aspect, we need to decide on the functional division of the space. We both love open plan living, so we have decided not to build the second tiny bedroom for now, in order to have a bigger living space. So, the floor plan is something like this:

Our flat's floor plan

Our flat's floor plan

Since we have a small flat (around 60m2), we need to have multifunctional spaces (and fair enough as open living is all about that!), bearing in mind we have not been able to do anything about the wall of the living room as this is the supporting wall to really reshape the space.

What we needed to figure out is – where will we put the home office space? Where is my piano going to be? Will we have a formal dining space? Where will our guests sleep? How to fit all that in there and not clutter the space unnecessarily? And questions to be solved later – where will we plan the room for the baby? What if I’ll need a bigger / enclosed space for my studio?

For now – ideas for the first problem – the workspace.

The possible locations for the desk are:

  1. in the ex-tiny-bedroom / ‘dining’ room
  2. in the living room
  3. in the bedroom

For now I’ve planned the first option (desk in the dining room) and here are the results:

  • Version 1 using the colors we have on the walls now (white and green):
Workspace in the dining room

Workspace in the dining room

Workspace in the dining room

Workspace in the dining room

Advantages: It’s comfortable in terms of space (the dining table can move slightly more towards the kitchen if necessary). Good natural light available, but not South-facing so will be bearable in the summer. Also, close to the coffee supplies which is so important when working! 🙂

Disadvantages: It’s in the center of the activity so there is potential for disruption. Also, no space for a couch there (we originally had one where I’ve now put the desk).

  • This is a very similar version just with a statement wallpaper added. Still unsure which option I prefer.
Workspace in the dining room wallpaper

Workspace in the dining room wallpaper

…and what do you think?

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